Hyper Textile is an experimental software studio.

Through the creation of Internet artifacts, Hyper Textile aims to explore the interplay between software, aesthetics, and tactility.

Hyper Textile was founded by Gyan Prayaga and is situated in Brooklyn, NY / the unceceded homeland of the Lenape peoples.

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A spatial canvas for conversation and creativity (WIP)
An experimental digital space for grief, created with Veronica Thomas (2023)
User interface for ordering custom furniture, built with Weston Rivell (2023)
Digital Turntable (2023)
Lolo, a bookmarking tool, grid view (2020)
Lolo, a bookmarking tool, graph view (2020)
Vozzy, a spatial conversation app (2021)
iPad check-in kiosk at a makerspace, built with Carlton Segbefia (2019)